Johan Ernst Nilson
Charity Event & Fundraising for Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and MarbellAyuda Foundation

Johan Ernst Nilson

Everything is possible

14-15 October 2019

Palacio de Congresos, Marbella

Watch final video
Watch final video

We can save the future together

Palacio De Congresos, Marbella
Student`s day (13+)
14th October 2019, 18:00
School`s day (8-12 years old)
15th October 2019, 17:00

Towards Nature is the charity event dedicated to climate change and organised specially for young generation. Generation with incredible dreams and as their parents we want to do our best to help them to make all their potential true.

That’s why hearing inspiring lectures of Mr. Nilson will be good for both - young people and adults. Join in!

Palacio De Congresos, Marbella
Student`s day (13+)
14th October 2019, 18:00
School`s day (8-12 years old)
15th October 2019, 17:00

Environmental explorer & Motivational speaker

Johan Ernst Nilson

Johan has been travelling around the world for most of his life. He has been to 172 countries, including the most remote places on earth.

Johan Ernst Nilson Johan Ernst Nilson
The main Johan’s topics:
What do we need to do to reach our goals?
"You can never reach a summit without taking some kind of risk"
Adventure - "as everything that takes you out of your Comfort Zone"
What do we need to do to reach our dreams in life?
How to reach your peak performance?
Our true potential
How to reach balance in life?
What is motivation strategy?

Dear Friends,

Those two days of the Towards Nature event were amazing.

We all have truly seen how beautiful our planet is. We have also learned what we all need to do to save its beauty and protect Nature. It’s easier than what we used to think, really. If every one of us makes even a tiny little step towards Nature every single day, it will become possible. Because everything is possible!

Let’s make this step together. Let’s support our kids in their unconditional love for Nature and their desire to make our world a better place! Our children are our future! They have the stamina to make a big change in the environmental situation. Let’s give them the chance to use it now!

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to:

Johan Ernst Nilson for his inspirational lectures and for reminding us of our limitless possibilities,

Carmen Diaz and Victoria Martin from Marbella Town Hall and all our partners for their trust and cooperation,

all the schools and universities for being so deeply involved in this project!

Special thanks to:

all the students for their amazing presentations and performances, Egor Matveevsky for his virtuoso bayan playing, Marbella Congress Hall, the volunteers, the technical crew from Bazar del Cineista and our Towards Nature team for their incredible job, and my family for their love and support!

And of course, a big THANK YOU goes out to all our guests for being with us during those unforgettable two days.

During the Towards Nature Event we have raised 2500 euros. The funds will be duly transferred to MarbellAyuda Foundation and Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

To discover more about the Event watch our Photo gallery.

Looking forward to seeing you all next time!


Alexandra Kondrashova,
Goodwill Meridian Fund Founder

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